Choosing the right funeral poem

Losing a loved one or friend is one of the most heartbreaking moments you can experience. Giving them a befitting send-off is one thing you should do to pay your last respects. One way to go about it by reciting a good funeral poem to honor the departed and other bereaved family members. Getting the right funeral poem may prove to be somewhat a difficult task. There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a funeral poem. They include:

Target Audience
You should look for a poem that your audience can resonate with. Put into consideration the feelings of every person who will be in attendance. You should identify a poem that will comfort the departed’s family during the difficult moment they are experiencing. Consider what you want your listeners to feel.

The length of the funeral poem you choose is another essential factor to consider. You may go for a shorter or longer piece. The time set aside for you to recite and how well you want to capture people’s attention can help you know how long your poem should be.

The message in your funeral poem is another essential factor to consider. You might choose one that will fill many with positivity or make them reflect on the deceased’s life. Consider these crucial factors in the poem you plan to recite at a particular funeral.

The Best Funeral Poems

Here are the best funeral poems you can choose for a particular service.

Do Not Weep Besides My Grave
Do not weep beside my grave,
I am not there; I do not slumber.
I am a thousand blowing winds.
I am the diamond glint on top of the snow.

Let Me Leave
When I get to the end of the road
And the sunsets for me
I want no rites in a room full of gloom
Why weep for a soul set free?

My Journey Has Just Begun
Don’t think of me as the departed,
My journey has just started.
Life holds so many dimensions,
This earth is just but one.

Remember Me – I Will Forever Live
Give my own sight to the person who is yet to see the sunrise,
The face of a young one or adoration in a woman’s eyes.
Give my heart to someone,
Whose dear heart has brought nothing to them but non-stop pain?

A Song of Life
Now that I have loved life,
I shall have no regret to die.
I have sent my gladness up on wings,
To be lost in the blue sky.

Everything is Alright
Death is not a thing at all,
I have just moved into the next room
I am myself, and you are yourself
However, we were related to that we are still the same.

A Farewell Tribute
May different paths rise up to reach you,
May the breeze be at your back always,
May the sun glimmer warm on your face,
May the rains shower gently upon fields
Till we meet again
May God grasp you in his hand.