organizing a funeral

Giving a departed loved one a befitting send-off is the best way to pay your last respect. Planning a funeral is usually an expensive and emotional process. It is always marred with lots of uncertainty. Most people discuss their wishes before death. This is vital in giving family members and friends a smooth time when sending their last respects. Some people also shy away from this, which gives family members a difficult time when organizing funerals.

Planning a funeral without proper guidance or wishes from the departed should not be difficult. In this series, we are going to look at how to organize a funeral. This includes the different steps you should take and the things you are supposed to do to ensure your loved one is given the best send-off.

Here is an overview of the steps to take when organizing a funeral:

  • What to do first/ Who to contact
  • Burial vs Cremation
  • Alternatives to burial or cremation
  • How to choose a casket
  • What types of flowers for a funeral
  • What are a funeral home’s responsibilities when caring for my loved one’s body?
  • Does a body have to be embalmed?
  • What is a funeral director?
  • What’s the difference between a rosary and a viewing?
  • How to dress for a funeral?
  • Poems to recite at a funeral
  • Best funeral music list
  • Bible scriptures for a funeral
  • Quotes for a funeral
  • Writing an obituary

This will give you an idea of how to organize a funeral in simple steps. Funerals can be very costly. The costs may depend on the kind of send-off you plan to give your loved one.

Direct burials are less expensive compared to one with a service. The quality of casket can also determine the amount you are to part with as funeral costs. Other areas where you are likely to incur expenses include viewing sessions, hearse services, dressing, and organizing a memorial service.

Traditional and memorial services have their own varying costs. You may also choose to bury or cremate your loved one without giving them a memorial service. Everything should be done according to the departed’s wishes, traditions, or the consensus reached between the family members.

We are also going to look at different things that should be done when paying your last respect to a loved one during a funeral service. Poems, music, bible scriptures, and quotes are essential for any funeral service. Bereaved families can get comfort from such. We will cover the best scriptures, music, and quotes to recite in a funeral service.

Cultures or traditions can also determine how these funerals are conducted. They can guide you on how to organize a funeral. You can consult other members from your culture to guide you on various practices you have to carry out to give your loved one the perfect send-off. Certain cultural practices have to be followed and can be used together with the departed’s burial wishes. Stick with us to learn how to organize a funeral and give your loved one the best send-off.